Tadalafil Online

Description of Cialis drug:

This drug is made to fight with the challenges faced by the potency problem even in a very young age. There is no greater punishment for a man, than the desire for a woman that can not make a source of mutual pleasure. Alas, potency problems are increasingly happen not only to men in mature age, but also a “headache” representatives of a strong half of mankind, who recently stepped 30, and even 20-years-old. Problems with the health happen due to age, bad ecology, the abundance of stressful situations at home and at work, lack of confidence in their own attractiveness – the reasons why sexual organ begins to function erratically. In contrast , Cialis is an effective method that allow to get rid of impotence not in the long process of rehabilitation treatment, but immediately. Cialis – a medicine based on tadalafil ingredient, which helps to improve blood filling in the cavernous cavities of the penis at a time when the situation demands it.

You can Buy Tadalafil online without prescription and without leaving home in our online pharmacy. You need to get the pill minimum 20 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse.

How long Cialis works?

Validity of more than one tablet per day. The idea is that if a man is healthy in general, and temporary confusion with the principal in an intimate relationship “tool” – not due to any serious pathology, we can expect that the next 36 hours, the person will be able to give yourself and his partner a lot of pleasant minutes. And even hours. Naturally, with breaks for sleep, meals, and other physiological needs. Cialis is not a magical substance that can replace food and other restoring force means that in no way negates the dignity of the drug. Judging by the reviews of men who have tried to imagine its effectiveness – many of them for the first time in their life could feel the strength to commit long, and most importantly – quality, sexy “fights.”

Generic Cialis impact on the reproductive ability of men:

  • What is important – the drug does not affect the quality of male sperm, periodically or continuously resorting to his aid. Unless the total number of spermatozoa may decrease with each subsequent sexual contact, but this phenomenon is a consequence of multiple acts over a relatively short period of time. Therefore, applying the drug not only for the sake of good feeling himself and his partner, but also for procreation, care should be taken about the best conditions for this right after taking the pill, and not a day later. Therefore certainly need to order Cialis online (Tadalafil) without prescription in our online pharmacy. Privacy and fast delivery garanteed.

The main active ingredient – Tadalafil which provides potency for 36 hours. This is the highest possible rate in the world which supports potency that long.
Generic Cialis – has american quality at an affordable price. It is produced in the form of film coated tablets. Natural mechanisms of erection occur due to flow to the penis of a powerful blood flow. The drug is same effective as the popular Viagra. The effect of taking the medicine you can feel after 16 minutes, and the duration of a record 36 hours. Now you do not need to be afraid to miss the long-awaited moment of sexual encounters.

  1. Tadalafil is used to solve the problems associated with erectile dysfunction;
  2. The absolute leader in the duration of action among the drugs to increase potency;
  3. Excellent tolerance of the male body;
  4. The onset of erection is possible only when excited;
  5. Not addictive;
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Information for Patients:

  • Dosage and administration:
  • Cialis tablets are taken orally.
  • Application for men in the middle age category
  • The optimal dose is tadalafil 20 mg. Admission is carried out immediately before the coming of sexual intimacy, to the effect does not affect food intake. Minimum time between taking Cialis and sexual activity 16 minutes.
  • Within 36 hours, the patient can perform sexual intercourse after taking Cialis tablets.
  • The maximum recommended frequency of admission – once a day.

The use of Cialis for older men:

  • For elderly group of men: do not require a special selection of dosage. Recommended pills are the same as for middle-aged men.
  • Use of the drug Cialis in men who violated the kidneys and liver.
  • Patients who have abnormal liver function and kidney function (creatine kleenex 30 ml / min) of a specific selection of dosage is needed.