What is the difference Viagra, Cialis and Levitra?

The most popular generics for restoration of male power: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. They are similar in their medicinal properties and used for the complex treatment of erectile dysfunction, and by one time- increase male potency.

A small comparative list of generic properties is presented below:

• acts 4:00;
• starts to work in 40-50 minutes after ingestion;
• makes you want to have sex without a break;
• compatible with alcohol when taking the drug an hour before drinking;
• is a powerful erection, even from a simple touch;
• is not addictive;
• does not affect hormones.

• works for 36 hours;
• noticeable effect within 15-20 minutes after ingestion;
• increases sexual desire (libido);
• compatible with alcohol, if you take the pill for 15 minutes before drinking;
• improves erections only during sexual intercourse;
• is not addictive;
• does not affect hormones.

• continues to operate from 5 to 12 hours;
• onset of action of 30-45 minutes after consumption;
• is the desire to have sex;
• Fully compatible with alcohol;
• a strong erection, appears even from a simple touch;
• is not addictive;
• does not affect hormones.

It is the most popular generics to increase potency.

According to statistics, men prefer to buy generic Cialis, which is due to its more “soft” effect compared to Viagra and Levitra. Also Cialis works for much longer than is the interest of buyers who want to restore their men’s health.