Structure of the testicles

First, the shape they resemble slightly flattened ellipsoid or plum. The average length for the average man is from 4 cm to 6 cm, width – from 2.5 to 3.5 cm, weight – 20-25 grams. Volume – about 12 to 20 cc.

Formed in the abdomen of the fetus and to the birth descend into the scrotum.

For proper functioning and maturation of sperm in the scrotum required temperature for several tens of degrees lower than the temperature in the abdominal cavity. Newborn gonads proportionally more than adults.

  • If the proportion of active sperm cells in the glands is less than 50%, then the man is diagnosed with “infertility”.
    Male infertility accounts for 35% of all cases of inability to have children. Every tenth pair of infertile couple.
  • According to scientists, black men have the size of the testicles in two times more than Asians.
    What must be said, it has no effect on fertility in Asian countries. And here they have a Caucasian male average European value. So dispelled another myth.
  • Among men walking the bike that the owner of the large “treasure” is more popular among women. This is not true. Most women prefer the average size and not saggy, big and hairy balls.

Some psychologists and sexologists believe that the owners of a large dissolved.
However, the actual evidence for this has been found.

  • Testicles are usually located at different levels: from the left below the right handers and left-handers – right below the left. The only reasonable explanation for this phenomenon is that with this arrangement, they are not subjected to injury and not compressed during walking. Other scientific explanations for this has been found.
  • Previously we thought that the right testicle is responsible for the birth of girls, and the left – the boys, so to conceive a boy right overtighten.

Change of the size

  • The increase in the gonads with age (adrenarche) is a sign of puberty in adolescents.
  • When a person grows up, the temperature in the scrotum becomes 4 degrees below body temperature.
    If the temperature is higher, but it can lead to infertility. Even with sedentary work a man should definitely take breaks from work and go for ventilation (yes, do not laugh!) And testicles reduce contact with the body.
  • If you suddenly notice abnormalities in the structure and size, it is best to contact your urologist.
  • At very noticeable unevenness of the testicles, especially manifested in recent years, it is necessary as soon as possible to go to the hospital -such signs characteristic of testicular cancer.
    The reduction may be a manifestation of hypogonadism, or a varicocele tumor.
  • Increase in testicles of men does not lead to anything good. Often this is a manifestation of orchitis (inflammation). Watch them. If they have increased in size within 2-3 weeks, you will – to the doctor.

An important role in men’s health plays a regular self-examination of the testicles.

So, relax, man. The average size of your “charm” – is, above all, an indicator of health!

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